THRIVE is your roadmap to personal and professional success and a community of peers to support you (and hold you accountable).

What is inside THRIVE?

Our comprehensive 28-week (yes, 8 months), two-hour virtual peer group coaching sessions are designed to help you thrive.

virtual sessions


8 sessions

Each session builds the foundation for the next, allowing you to go deeper in your personal and professional development this year. We are now adding Triad Peer Coaching back into the program. This means you will receive more accountability as you go from awareness to ACTION!

Peer Coaching

Forget webinars and PowerPoint driven workshops – and instead join your peers across companies & industries as leaders share their best practices and learn from one another in this dynamic group coaching experience.

Pre and Post work

Those investing in the series will also receive pre/post worksheets, articles, and a book/podcast list to support you as you dive more deeply into that session’s topic.

Hear it From Our Grads

What's so incredbile about THRIVE?

THRIVE was designed from the ground up by me, Christy Uffelman, EDGE Leadership CEO and Fortune 500 coach. Packed with the latest research and filled with inspiring personal experiences, THRIVE was built to help you become your absolute best self.

Women who attend THRIVE will experience these results:

Enhanced negotiation skills for tough conversations

Lower stress—and proven tools for managing it

Renewed confidence at work and at home

A clear pathway to achieving personal and professional goals

And their organizations experience a transformational bottom-line impact:

Increased emotional well-being and a strengthened sense of belonging and connection

Intentional reflection and increased self-awareness

Clarity of goals that inspire courageous choices

Heightened engagement and productivity

Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity!


When mixed with our peer breakout sessions, you can extract every bit of value from these group coaching experiences and immediately apply the lessons in your personal and professional life, setting you on a new pathway to rejuvenation and personal fulfillment.

Introducing THRIVE +

Looking for more 1:1 coaching to help maximize your group coaching experience?

THRIVE+ is the entire THRIVE group coaching experience PLUS one block of Office Hours with

Office Hours includes four 1:1 “on-demand” coaching hours that can be used at any time, in any duration, during the group coaching experience!

The additional fee is $3750. To secure your THRIVE+ spot, use the link below.

What is the difference between EDGE and THRIVE?

Total Time Investment 55 hours 16 hours 
Length9 months (monthly sessions range from 2-12 hours)8 months (monthly sessions are all 2 hours)
Sessions100% Virtual100% Virtual 
Includes monthly Accountability Partners and MastermindYesYes
Includes Office Hours 1:1 coachingYesAvailable with THRIVE +
Includes Triad Peer Coaching YesYes
Includes Guest MentorsYesNo
ContentFoundational EDGE Curriculum 

Building on EDGE curriculum based on feedback from past Grads and includes targeted areas they desired more engagement around including: 

  • Self Compassion
  • Boundaries (setting and maintaining them)
  • Managing their Inner Critic
  • Addressing Burnout
  • Finding more Meaning and Purpose in both personal and professional life
CostAverage range $11,000-$7,500pp$2,500pp ($2300 during Early Bird)
Group Discounts AvailableYesYes

Want to send a group?

The THRIVE program was built for individuals or groups from any organization or business. For more information and details on group packages, email us at