The best leaders are purposeful about what they do and how they grow. The best coaches inspire these leaders to embody a learning mindset, address blind spots, act more strategically and live fully into their core values. Our leadership coaching expands mindsets and builds capacity.

PEER Technology® is a trademarked platform that uses skilled facilitation and group coaching to foster peer-peer learning to develop leaders personally as well as professionally. It is proven to increase mobility across the corporate talent pipeline.

Virtual Leadership Coaching

THRIVE is a totally new coaching experience led by EDGE Leadership CEO and Founder, Christy Uffelman, BCC, MHCS, and developed to provide women and those who identify with femininity with a powerful roadmap to professional and personal success.

“Authenticity is your destination. EDGE is your guide"

– Soo Yi, Highmark Health

Christy Uffelman challenges the status quo. In everything she does, she believes in thinking differently. Christy’s personal purpose is to help people feel less alone by making connections that matter.

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