Group Coaching

Experiential Learning: EXL

PEER Technology® grows the person to grow the leader.

PEER Technology® is a trademarked platform that uses skilled facilitation and group coaching to foster peer-peer learning to develop leaders personally as well as professionally. It is proven to increase the mobility of the corporate talent pipeline.

This innovative experiential learning (EXL) process is leveraged to facilitate organizational knowledge transfer, driving retention, promotion, engagement, and development and can be deployed independently or connected across four tiers in an organization: early career, midcareer, senior leader, and officer/C-Suite.

Why PEER Technology®? Why now? Listen to our Founder explain.

Powered by PEER Technology®

PEER Technology® cohorts can be 75%-100% virtual and can be customized to the leadership competency gaps often identified at each level (typical examples below).

Rather than leveraging academics and outside “experts,” each cohort is led by an ICF certified coach with the goal of creating a vehicle for horizontal knowledge transfer inside of your organization. Each innovative group coaching experience also layers in vertical knowledge transfer by engaging your leaders two layers above each target group as “Guest Mentors” to share their best practices inside of an agenda that is co-created by the participants themselves.

The PEER Technology® platform creates an intentional space for both horizontal and vertical knowledge transfer within your organization and builds an actionable network within a targeted developmental peer group. It leverages monthly 1:1 coaching with EDGE Leadership’s ICF certified coaches to ensure that every learning curve is maximized and every goal achieved.

Our PEER Technology® Cohorts and Group Details

E3 Experience (Powered by PEER Technology®)



9 months

Who is it for?

GenZ / Early Career leaders

Most requested targeted competencies:

Feedback for Results, Communication, Organizational Savvy, Inclusion

E3 = Excellence. Experience. Exposure.

The E3 Experience offers early career leaders an opportunity to engage with your organization using our PEER Technology® platform. This program offers a group coaching experience that immerses young leaders in self-awareness and develops strong behaviors that support and align with their early career brand. E3 provides participants with the opportunity to network and learn best practices from both their peers and the company’s mid-career leaders, all while being supported each month with 1:1 coaching by EDGE Leadership’s ICF certified coaches.

Research shows that engaging Gen Z to form strong connections at work pays huge dividends in terms of retention and engagement. E3 exponentially accelerates these peer-peer connections through fostering the intentional space for early career leaders to contribute to one another’s success.

Some of the customized design experiences include: technical knowledge as defined by your company, creation of a solid personal and professional foundation, increased confidence in the delivery of independent work, exposure to organization networks, departments and resources, and immersion in company core values.

Think of E3 as an onboarding jetpack for a whole new generation!

EDGE Cohort Experience (Powered by PEER Technology®)



9 months
*available as a train-the-trainer model

Who is it for?

Midcareer people-leaders (often deployed based on gender to encourage maximum vulnerability within the group)

Most requested targeted competencies:

Critical Thinking and Coaching Skills, Building a Strategic Network, Personal Branding, Inclusion

The flagship EDGE Experience offers unconventional solutions to conventional problems unleashing potential and engaging mid-career networks. The EDGE group coaching experience engages Millennial leaders to gain self-awareness and develop intentional behaviors as people managers that align and support their leadership brand and career direction. EDGE provides participants with the opportunity to build an actionable strategic network and learn best practices not from outside “experts” or consultants, but from their peers and company executives across the globe, all the while being supported each month with 1:1 coaching by EDGE Leadership’s ICF certified coaches.

EDGE is available as a train-the-trainer and can be deployed for co-ed high-potential development as well as targeted into gender-specific groups of women and those identifying with felinity, men and those identifying with masculinity, and specific EBRG’s to attain corporate diversity and inclusion goals.

We are reimagining on-the-job training and mentoring for the 21st Century.

COMPASS (Powered by PEER Technology®)



6 months

Who is it for?

C-Suite Executives and Officers

Most requested targeted competencies:

Empathy, Courage, Transparency, Agility, Vulnerability, Authenticity, Resilience, Inclusion

The C-Suite is the time in our career trajectory, and in our lives, that requires developing character and practicing the skills necessary to achieve at the highest levels of our organization: personal courage, trustworthiness, authenticity, transparency and vulnerability. Twice monthly 1:1 Leadership Coaching is offered to ensure that the application of each of these competencies is aligned with the individual and the challenge.

As we reorient ourselves, how do we thrive at the next level? How do we fit our jobs into our lives instead of our lives into our jobs?  How do we find aligned coherence?

Seasoned sailors know that true north on the sea is never held in a straight line – conditions change moment by moment on the open waters… just like in leadership. This is the level in our careers where we need to rely on the ancient art of “wayfinding.”

Wayfinding is building your map as you go. 

This stage of the leadership journey can be frustrating because, as anyone who has been there knows all too well, you can’t just plug in your GPS and get turn-by-turn directions. Success is determined by paying attention to the clues around us, by being bold and intentional in our personal and professional choices, and by being aligned in our goals.

…And of course, having a calibrated COMPASS in your pocket never hurts, because the best way forward often unfolds in unexpected ways!

Connection Point (Powered by PEER Technology®)


Connection Point is an experiential program that leverages our PEER Technology® coaching process and can be used either as a targeted Alumni Strategy with your organization’s current high-potential programs or can be leveraged as a post-program connection to cascade with any of EDGE Leadership’s PEER Technology® Experiences: E3, EDGE, and COMPASS.

Connection Point maximizes the deltas between cascading high-potential programs and creates intentional, monthly touchpoints across the vertical and horizontal structures of your organizations. It includes just-in-time learning with 1:1 coaching each month with EDGE Leadership’s certified coaches.

This group coaching process connects individuals across different corporate tiers and locations into peer-peer coaching triads – to transfer knowledge, learning and development in real-time. The goal is to sustain the actionable network created within each high-potential program and ensure that you have a consistent return on investment across the multiple levels of leadership development programs deployed every year.

Meet the Participants

Real peers. Real challenges. Real support. Real success!

PEER Technology ® builds courageous leaders.

Hear the voices from participants as they reflect on the value this group coaching experience provided to them – both personally AND professionally. Unlike many “out-of-the-box” high-potential programs, PEER Technology® cohort members co-create the leadership content to ensure it delivers exactly what they need – NOW! – to grow and progress in their career.

Benchmarked with Fortune 500 companies, PEER Technology® is a contemporary leadership platform that provides a living experience that adapts and changes with the needs of each cohort – early career, mid-career, senior leader and executive officer:

  • Facilitating knowledge transfer across roles, areas, and divisions
  • Creating peer-to-peer relationships and building an actionable support and engagement network
  • Developing strategic leadership and critical thinking skills through real-time practice and application

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