Ignite your potential inside THRIVE.

THRIVE was built on the belief that no one should ever have to navigate life’s most challenging labyrinths alone. Created specifically for women and those who identify with femininity, THRIVE is your pathway to personal and professional excellence, delivering a supportive community of like-minded peers in an energizing, virtual format.

THRIVE is not your typical PowerPoint driven development program

THRIVE is a revolutionary group coaching experience that connects women (and those identifying with feminity) as they tackle the areas of life that often leave us feeling stuck on our journey towards a successful, joyful life. Don’t expect “gurus” or a list of what you ”should be” doing inside THRIVE. The power is all within the connection, vulnerability, and accountability that is fostered through peer support.

Packed with the latest research and filled with inspiring personal experiences,
THRIVE was built to help you become your absolute best self.

Hi there, I'm Christy!

And this is Dwayne. He’ll be joining us, napping below my desk, for every THRIVE session, just FYI. First off, thank you SO much for your interest in THRIVE – it has been a labor of love for me, and I am thrilled to welcome you to join us for this incredible group coaching experience. I designed this experience because I know that a woman’s career path is not unlike a labyrinth. It is often a lonely one at that. Through my 20 years of coaching small businesses and Fortune 500 companies, one thing has remained steadfast – human connection is the most powerful tool for finding success. I have seen the incredible transformations women like you have achieved through this work, and I want the same for YOU.

Hear it from our grads

Thrive is for you if…

You are eager to find joy in both your personal and professional life.

 You would benefit from supporting (and being supported by) a diverse group of peers.

You are struggling to overcome barriers in your career or personal life and are ready to claim what is yours.

You are ready to reach your full potential and serve your company and community in powerful ways.

Experience a one of a kind program that will elevate your life + career in so many ways.

When mixed with our peer breakout sessions and accountability partners, you can extract every bit of value from these group coaching experiences and immediately apply the lessons in your personal and professional life, setting you on a new pathway to rejuvenation and personal fulfillment.

Unlock your full potential

Are you ready to say “yes” to yourself, your desires, your dreams, and your future like Dara, Alyssa, Keisha, and Jodi? Are you ready to stop doing it all alone?

If so, I invite you to secure your spot in THRIVE today because you deserve it.

Take a look inside THRIVE

THRIVE Launch: The Power of Sharing Successes

Nice girls, don’t brag. (Do they?) Yes! There is incredible power in being able to be our own best advocate and own our successes – at work and home. Join us as we reflect on where we are currently (both professionally and personally) and begin to design our first steps on where we EACH want to go this year, all while building the foundation of connection between our group members by sharing our successes.

Meet Your PEER® Coaching Triad

The very best ideas and best practices to address the personal and professional challenges that keep us up at night will never come from some outside “expert” or academic. They come from our peers- sharing their successes and lessons learned from down in the trenches beside us. Together we realize that we do not have to navigate this labyrinth alone. Your coaching triad will support you (and hold you accountable) as you advance your career and relationships, increase your self-awareness and apply all that you want to take from THRIVE into your life. Leveraging EDGE’s trademarked PEER® coaching model, every participant will engage monthly to coach and be coached in a triad setting. This 60-minute coaching experience will be at your convenience outside the monthly cohort sessions.

Burnout Best Practices: The Secret to Unlocking Your Stress Cycle

What’s expected of women and what it is really like to exist as a woman in today’s world are two different things, and we exhaust ourselves trying to close the gap. Join us as we explore how we each respond to the stress in our lives and leave with first steps (and an accountability partner) on how to manage yours better.

Designing Your Life: Best Practices for Uncovering Your Purpose

What if, instead of fitting your life into your job, you could fit your job into your life? We know that having more meaning in our lives translates into reduced stress, greater resilience, and overall fulfillment (read: Joy). Explore your personal Purpose (the impact you want to have on those you care about, your organization, your community, and the world), and leave with an accountability partner to support you as you create your first steps to bring it to life in a sustainable way. 

Making Friends with Your Inner Critic: Best Practices for Managing Your Self-Talk

We spend too much precious time and energy managing perception and creating carefully edited versions of ourselves to show the world. Being imperfect is NOT synonymous with being inadequate. We all have a voice that lives inside our heads telling us things like: “You aren’t good enough” and “Who do you think you are?” (Some of us have an entire Negative Committee in there!) We think we must eradicate this foe, but the best practice is to befriend it. Join your peers as we learn that we are not alone in this experience and leave with a first step to manage your inner dialogue better so that you can genuinely Show Up in your life the way you’ve always dreamt you could.

Checking Your Checklists: Best Practices for Identifying and Setting Boundaries

The concept of boundaries is so inextricably tied to our satisfaction in life that we are spending TWO back-to-back sessions on them in THRIVE! Many of us do not know we even have a boundary UNTIL it has been crossed. This first session will create the space to explore why we feel the way we do and make our first steps around what each of us wants our boundaries to look like this year. And, of course, because boundary setting is a powerful process, we will each gain an accountability partner to support us as we make the time to revise the “Checklists” in our personal and professional lives. 

Courageous Conversations: Best Practices for Communicating (and Sustaining) Boundaries

Now that you know what boundaries you want to set (at work and home), the next step is figuring out how to communicate them and, just as importantly, how to sustain them. This is the true crux around boundaries and where most of us falter. But with a peer group to support you (and an accountability partner to check in as you plan for and execute those courageous conversations in your life), you not only gain boundary-setting tools but, just as importantly, the heart and courage to leverage them.

Self-Compassion: Best Practices in Resilience for Living a Joyful Life

What could it look like to treat yourself the way you would treat your very best friend (or even a stranger)? As leaders, we work extra hard at the skills of empathy and compassion, but rarely do we extend that same level of grace to ourselves. THRIVE Experience will provide you with a personalized plan (and resources to support it) as you create your first steps to shift the single-longest relationship you will ever have powerfully – your relationship with yourself. 

Ready to THRIVE?

I can’t wait to see you there, my friend! Our fall session is launching on November 16th, and we would love to add your name to the list. If you have questions about THRIVE or want to send a group, please email us here. We offer two ways to pay, in whole or with convenient monthly payments.

THRIVE+ 1:1 Coaching with Christy

Based on the feedback from our inaugural THRIVE cohort, we are excited to share that those who are interested can maximize their group coaching experience with THRIVE+.​

THRIVE+ is the entire THRIVE group coaching experience PLUS one block of Office Hours with Christy.

Office Hours are four 1:1 “on-demand” coaching hours with me that can be used any time during the 8-month THRIVE group coaching experience (or after). They are often divided into eight 30-minute sessions or four 60-minute sessions but can truly be customized however would best serve you!

THRIVE+ is an excellent fit for anyone who wants:

  • 1:1 coaching around existing hurdles at work or home
  • New strategies and ideas on how to maximize your career and life
  • Real-time help (and further action steps) around what is keeping you up at night
  • Support, perspective, and mentorship

THRIVE+ is an additional investment of $3750, with payment plans available. To secure your THRIVE+ spot, use the link below.