Your Ticket to THRIVE

The exciting new roadmap to personal and professional success developed by EDGE Leadership CEO and Fortune 500 coach Christy Uffelman

Develop Your Map Through Life’s Most Challenging Labyrinths

Welcome to THRIVE, an exciting growth opportunity designed to help you excel in all aspects of life through transformative group coaching!

Created specifically for women and those who identify with femininity, THRIVE is your pathway to personal and professional excellence, delivering a supportive community of like-minded peers in an energizing, virtual format you can access from anywhere in the world.

THRIVE is specifically designed to help you:

  • Create your step-by-step pathway to career success
  • Unlock your potential in all walks of life
  • Enhance your negotiation skills for boundaries
  • Manage stress and burnout
  • Practice the skills of self-compassion and empathy
  • Find a new, supportive community focused on your growth
  • And more!

With the THRIVE community’s guidance, you’re ready to excel by navigating the complex labyrinths you encounter in your career and personal life.


verb | thrive | \ ˈthrīv \

grow or develop well.

Benefits of THRIVE

THRIVE was designed from the ground up by me, Christy Uffelman, EDGE Leadership CEO and Fortune 500 coach. Packed with the latest research and filled with inspiring personal experiences, THRIVE was built to help you become your absolute best self.


Enhanced negotiation skills for tough conversations

Lower stress—and proven tools for managing it

Renewed confidence at work and at home

A clear pathway to achieving personal and professional goals

And Their Organizations Experience A Transformational Bottom-Line Impact:

Heightened engagement and productivity

Energized work environment

Strengthened relationships

Accelerated professional growth among team members

Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity!

What is the difference between EDGE and THRIVE?

Total Time Investment 55 hours 14 hours 
Length9 months (monthly sessions range from 2-12 hours)7 months (monthly sessions are all 2 hours)
Sessions100% Virtual100% Virtual 
Includes monthly Accountability Partners and MastermindYesYes
Includes Office Hours 1:1 coachingYesNo
Includes Triad Peer Coaching YesNo
Includes Guest MentorsYesNo
ContentFoundational EDGE Curriculum 

Building on EDGE curriculum based on feedback from past Grads and includes targeted areas they desired more engagement around including: 

  • Self Compassion
  • Boundaries (setting and maintaining them)
  • Managing their Inner Critic
  • Addressing Burnout
  • Finding more Meaning and Purpose in both personal and professional life
CostAverage range $11,000-$7,500pp$2,500pp
Group Discounts AvailableYesYes

Want to send a group?

The THRIVE program was built for individuals or groups from any organization or business. For more information and details on group packages, email us at

A note from Christy

You are worth this investment ten times over.

Since I know you are super busy, I’ve personally put together a simple one-page business case that you can download and customize. I invite you to take 15 minutes to add in the bits and pieces to show the value YOU will bring back to your team and organization post-THRIVE, and schedule a 1:1 with your manager to discuss.

Learn With THRIVE

Our comprehensive 24-week (yes, 7 months), two-hour virtual peer group coaching sessions are designed to help you thrive.

virtual sessions


7 sessions

Each session builds the foundation for the next, allowing you to go deeper in your personal and professional development this year.

Peer Coaching

Forget webinars and PowerPoint driven workshops – and instead join your peers across companies & industries as leaders share their best practices and learn from one another in this dynamic group coaching experience.

Pre and Post work

Those investing in the series will also receive pre/post worksheets, articles, and a book/podcast list to support you as you dive more deeply into that session’s topic.

What THEY say about THRIVE!

Here is what you get in each session

Think of each session as micro-shifts you can make to enhance your career & your life.

THRIVE Launch: The Power of Sharing Successes

Nice girls don’t brag. (Do they?) Yes! There is incredible power in being able to be our own best advocate and own our successes – at work and at home. Join us as we reflect together on where we are currently (both professionally and personally) and begin to design our first steps on where we EACH want to go this year, all while building the foundation of connection between our group members by sharing our successes together. 

Burnout Best Practices: The Secret to Unlocking Your Stress Cycle

What’s expected of women and what it is really like to exist as a woman in today’s world are two different things, and we exhaust ourselves trying to close the gap. Join us as we explore how we each respond to the stress in our lives and leave with first steps (and an accountability partner) on how to better manage yours. 

Designing Your Life: Best Practices for Uncovering Your Purpose

What if, instead of fitting your life into your job, you could fit your job into your life? We know that having more meaning in our lives translates into reduced stress, greater resilience and overall fulfillment (read: Joy). Explore your personal Purpose (the impact you want to have on those you care about, your organization, community and the world), and leave with an accountability partner to support you as you create your first steps to bring it to life in a sustainable way. 

Making Friends with Your Inner Critic: Best Practices for Managing Your Self-Talk

We spend too much precious time and energy managing perception and creating carefully edited versions of ourselves to show the world. Being imperfect is NOT synonymous with being inadequate. We all have a voice that lives inside our heads telling us things like:“You aren’t good enough” and “Who do you think you are?” (In fact, some of us have an entire Negative Committee in there!) We think we need to eradicate this foe but the best practice is to actually befriend it. Join your peers as we learn that we are not alone in this experience and leave with a first step to better manage your inner dialogue so that you can truly Show Up in your life the way you’ve always dreamt you could.  

Checking Your Checklists: Best Practices for Identifying and Setting Boundaries

The concept of boundaries is so inextricably tied to our satisfaction in life that we are spending TWO back-to-back sessions on them in THRIVE!  For many of us, we do not know we even have a boundary UNTIL it has been crossed. This first session will create the space to explore why we feel the way we do and create our first steps around what each of us wants our boundaries to look like this year.  And of course, because boundary setting is a powerful process, we will each gain an accountability partner to support us as we make the time to revise the “Checklists” in our personal and professional lives. 

Courageous Conversations: Best Practices for Communicating (and Sustaining) Boundaries

Now that you know what boundaries you want to set (at work and at home), the next step is figuring out how to communicate them and, just as importantly, how to sustain them. This is the true crux around boundaries, and where most of us falter. But with a peer group to support you (and an accountability partner to check in as you plan for and execute on those courageous conversations in your life), you not only gain boundary-setting tools but, just as importantly, the heart and courage to leverage them.

Self-Compassion: Best Practices in Resilience for Living a Joyful Life

What could it look like to treat yourself the way you would treat your very best friend (or even a stranger)? As leaders, we work extra hard at the skills of empathy and compassion, but rarely do we extend that same level of grace for ourselves. THRIVE Experience will provide you with a personalized plan (and resources to support it) as you create your first steps to powerfully shift the single-longest relationship you will ever have in your life – your relationship with yourself. 

When mixed with our peer breakout sessions, you can extract every bit of value from these group coaching experiences and immediately apply the lessons in your personal and professional life, setting you on a new pathway to rejuvenation and personal fulfillment.