1:1 Leadership Coaching

We build courageous leaders

The best leaders are purposeful about what they do and how they grow – personally as well as professionally. The best coaches inspire these leaders to embody a learning mindset, address blind spots (at work and at home), act more strategically and live out their core values. 1:1 coaches expand mindsets and build capacity. They help leaders see possibilities for action that they never saw before.


noun | lead·​er | \ ˈlē-dər \

Anyone who takes responsibility for finding the potential in people and processes and has the courage to develop that potential

How are EDGE Coaches different from other professional coaches?

What is coaching?

1:1 Leadership Coaching is an ongoing professional relationship that helps you produce extraordinary results in your life, career, community, and organization. Through the process of coaching, you will deepen your learning, improve performance, and enhance overall sense of mastery in your life.

What is the coaching process? 

In each meeting, you choose the focus of conversation based on your immediate needs while the coach listens, contributes observations, challenges and poses questions.  The intent of this interaction is to create clarity and move you into action around your desired growth outcome.  1:1 Leadership Coaching accelerates your progress by providing greater focus and awareness of choice, with the coach holding a space beside you as a thinking companion and accountability partner.

At EDGE Leadership Solutions, we grow the person to grow the leader.

In all four of our 1:1 Leadership Coaching options, we focus on you, the individual within the context that is your world. We care about you as a whole person and ground our leadership and executive coaching sessions in self-awareness to ensure purposeful choices in both your work-life and your home-life.

Our ICF certified coaches work together with you to be more intentional in your choices and behaviors to Show Up, to allow yourself to truly be Seen.

And always, to Live Brave.

Because better choices lead to better results.

Coaching Program Offerings

Executive Coaching

Who is this for?

Individuals in Senior Leadership:
Leaders who are managing business practices and have more than one line of direct reports.

Plan: Coaches design a customized development plan to work with senior leaders on improving and developing new skills, improving performance, identifying and overcoming blind spots, and preparing for advancement.

This coaching plan is directly tied to organizational goals and oftentimes results in improved business results.

Individuals in Succession Planning
Plan: Coaches help assess potential candidates for senior management positions and prepare them for promotion to more advanced leadership roles.

This coaching plan is often used in organizations experiencing growth or turnover in its leadership ranks.

Timing & Process

Duration and Frequency: 6 months. Leaders are in contact with their coach every 2 weeks for 60-90-minute virtual sessions and can include an online assessment process.

Performance Coaching

Who is this for?

All levels of leaders and employees to improve competency or performance gaps

Plan: Coaches focus on better understanding an individual competency needed to fulfill job requirements (e.g., delegation, communication, conflict, mentoring). Coaches identify gaps in current performance and potential opportunities to improve performance. Coaches work with the leader, their manager, and others in their workplace to help fill performance gaps and develop plans for further professional development.

Individuals who seem to be stuck in their career development

Plan: Coaches focus on helping the leader identify what wants and needs they have in their present job, help make decisions, take needed actions to accomplish and further their career objectives, and develop a sustainable work-life integration plan.

Timing  & Process

Duration and Frequency: 6 months. Leaders are in contact with their coach every 2 weeks for 60-90-minute virtual sessions and can include an online assessment process.

This coaching process is focused on specific areas of performance or career development including identification and alignment of areas of competency improvements.

Target Skill / Behavioral Coaching

Who is this for?

New leaders, high-potential leaders, or leaders transitioning to new roles. Focuses on behavioral targeting or skill development.

Skill development

Plan: Coaches work with newly-promoted leaders who need to fill leadership gaps needed at this next level and who would benefit from onboarding support in their new position.

The goal of this coaching is to support the leader to clarify key stakeholders, identify the most important responsibilities of the new role, strategize around the deliverables for the first 90 days, and generate ways to integrate and inspire the new team they lead.

Behavioral targeting

Plan: Coaches quickly identify and target leadership gaps, work on changing behaviors or habits, and create the space for the leader to learn new and more effective ways to work and interact with others as needed at this next level of leadership.

This type of coaching supports individuals who are newly promoted or otherwise very successful in their current job but taking on new responsibilities that require a change in specific behavior.

Timing & Process

This coaching process is shorter than our other coaching programs. Its focus and purpose are to target a specific area for growth (e.g., communication, inclusion, time management, delegation, influence, professional presence).

Duration and Frequency: 3-4 months. Leaders are in contact with their coach every 2 weeks for 60-90 minute virtual sessions and can include an online assessment process.

On Demand Coaching: “Office Hours”

Who is this for?

Early and midcareer leaders (both individual contributors and people managers) who need just-in-time career coaching to support them with their personal and professional challenges. This can include working through conflict and accountability issues with peers, preparing for courageous conversations with managers and direct reports, preparing to interview for a promotion, finding and enrolling mentors and sponsors, presentation preparation, organizational savvy strategy, work/life integration concerns, and working through performance feedback in a productive manner.

Timing & Process

Companies can purchase Office Hours in blocks of four hours. These coaching blocks can be used by multiple individuals across your organization in 30-minute increments. Unlike a 1:1 Leadership Coaching relationship, Office Hour Coachees may or may not always work with the same coach, although requests will be honored based on coach availability.

Hours are tracked by EDGE Leadership Solutions and provided in a monthly report to the client with the employee names of who requested coaching, date, time, duration, and coach name.

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