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In The PEER Revolution, award-winning entrepreneur, acclaimed speaker, and executive coach Christy Uffelman, MHS, BCC reveals her complete PEER Technology® Group Coaching Framework.

This book provides a roadmap for external coaches who want to supercharge how they serve organizations and for internal coaches and leaders who long for radically effective ways to increase learning and connectivity within their own organizations.

But the book isn’t only for coaches.

Christy shows anyone how to grow people from the inside out while curating a critical sense of belonging.

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CHRISTY UFFELMAN, MHCS, BCC challenges the status quo. In everything she does, she believes in thinking differently.

Christy is founder and CEO of EDGE Leadership, an organization that curates belonging through group coaching. Christy spent the past two decades innovating in learning development with a special focus on early and mid-career leaders, amplifying to include executive and board directors as she herself reached each level.

As a natural storyteller, Christy maximizes across genders and generations, shifts mindsets, honors individuals, and works hard. She is a recognized leader in creating connection and curating belonging. As a coach, speaker, and thought leader, Christy is on a mission to make people feel less alone by making connections that matter.

Named a Fierce Woman by Huffington Post, Christy learned her secrets and tricks-of-the-trade from experience facilitating tens of thousands of leaders in Fortune 500 companies with one hope—to curate belonging through group coaching and grow people from inside out. She developed her PEER Technology® model to do just that.

Christy lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with her husband, Kevin, her son, Eli, and her two white German Shepherd rescues named Theodore Roosevelt and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

What People Are Saying

Decades of research has shown us the importance of community and peer support to transform our professional and personal lives. We know WHY it matters — but the struggle is HOW to make it happen. The PEER Revolution is the step-by-step guide coaches and teams need to harness the strength of the individual and awesome power of the team.
Bestselling author of Finding Your Purpose and Clinical Professor at the University of Wisconsin - Madison’s School of Human Ecology
Christine B. Whelan, Ph.D.
There are many books on coaching but The PEER Revolution is next level! It elevates the coaching process by creating safe spaces for deep introspection and peer-to-peer feedback. I would recommend this book to any organization looking to make bold investments in their greatest asset... their people!
Senior Vice President, Keystone Region, Comcast
Toni Murphy
Our employees crave workplaces that foster connection and a sense of belonging. Now more than ever, it’s essential that we lead them with empathy and vulnerability. In The PEER Revolution: Group Coaching that Ignites the Power of People, Christy provides us with powerful yet practical tools to leverage collective experience and propel our organizations in an inclusive manner.
AIA, NCARB, President, Desmone
Eric A. Booth
As an alumnus of Christy’s EDGE Leadership program, I learned that personal advancement happens when you learn to contribute to others’ successes and have advanced professionally using the concepts she presents in this book. The secret sauce of a highly recommended corporate leadership development program is written in these pages.
Jr. CDP PHR, Vice President of Equity, People and Culture, Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank
Godfrey Bethea
Nothing of enduring significance was created in isolation by one person. Everything of value was built on something that preceded it, and by a community of people that nurtured it. Christy Uffelman personifies that reality in her own life, and amplifies its importance in her book to all who desire their workplaces to be fertile soil for flourishing.
Executive Director, The Pittsburgh Promise
Saleem Ghubril
The PEER Revolution is an indispensable strategy manifesto and real-life playbook organizations can draw from for true collaboration and an evolved model of leadership where people thrive. Christy distills decades of insights and offerings to share skillfully-crafted practices, teachings and tools to guide and call forth the gifts of leaders at all levels.
Founder, Midtown Associates Coaching & Consulting
Ashley Gibbs Davis
The power of peer relationships is an invaluable resource. In Christy Uffelman’s new book The PEER Revolution she captures the often-untapped power of authentic peer-to-peer connections. Her PEER Coaching Framework provides a timely roadmap for individuals, coaches, managers and leaders to enhance the effectiveness of their most important asset – people.
Professor of Business Administration, Psychology, Public and International Affairs, University of Pittsburgh
Audrey J. Murrell, Ph.D.
In a world filled with complexity, where the need for curious conversation and human connection is of paramount importance, Christy shares a framework that creates space for us all to learn together. She provides us with models and tools designed to develop a greater sense of individual belonging, and collective common purpose, inside of our organizations and communities. Bringing together a mix of personal storytelling, simple concepts and reflective questions, The PEER Revolution book is exactly what’s needed in these complex times.
PCC, CODC, Strategic Change, DPR Construction
Derek Kirkland
In today’s challenging environment of polarized opinions, decreasing employee wellbeing, and general anxiety, Christy provides insight, tools, guidance and the structural paradigm to creating a collaborative coaching culture. Christy’s coaching techniques create a culture where colleagues take interest in other’s success, lift each other up, create psychological safety within themselves and in doing so advance themselves, their colleagues, and the overall culture of the organization. Christy’s techniques and learnings have staying power far beyond the immediate impact of an individual coaching cohort and can impact an individual’s career and wellbeing indefinitely. The PEER Revolution is a must read for anyone trying to build a collaborative and psychologically safe culture.
Executive Director HR, Americas, MSA Safety
Nina Faber
After 45 years in business I thought I had seen most of what works in management and leadership, but in her wonderful new book, The PEER Revolution: Group Coaching that Ignites the Power of People, Christy Uffelman presents many new ideas for leaders at all levels to put to immediate practical use in today’s organizations.
Retired Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, United States Steel Corporation
John P. Surma
Our #1 job as leaders is to be there for our teams. Christy provides a powerful roadmap to create an environment of vulnerability, empathy, and belonging that allows your team to thrive. The PEER Revolution inspires with a lot of real-world examples, equipping you to be a better leader and coach!
Global VP- Supply Chain, Ops, and Quality- Komatsu Mining Corp.
Lindsey Farrell
The PEER Revolution is a must read for all internal coaches who are looking for new and innovative ways to develop high potential leaders in their organization.
Sr. Talent Development Manager, Black Box Corporation
Barb Hickey
My experience with Christy Uffelman and the peer group coaching was amazing! I really did not expect to have the experience that I had. In my mind, I thought I would learn some new skills, new practices, and things I could implement into my personal and professional life. But I was unaware of how deep I was going to go. It was incredible to be seen, to be validated and recognized for who I was as a person, a woman, and a woman of color, specifically as a Black woman. I don't recall having many experiences throughout all my years of education, self-development, and professional development where I felt seen, validated, and recognized as I did with the peer coaching and within my leadership coaching cohort. It was essential to my growth and changed my perspective of my life. It really was a life-changing experience.
Freelance Consultant, Coach, Educator, Mecka Fitness and Nutrition
April N. Jackson
Christy’s framework gives leaders the ability to connect with their team in a new way‒to connect with the whole person, not just their work performance. In thinking about dynamic management teams, having that connection not only with their work related output but them as a person helps demonstrate genuine care, that you want to help them and be there for them. This is the type of culture we are trying to create as leaders. There is a genuine nature that comes through in Christy’s group coaching experience. I’ve dealt with other facilitators and coaches before, and I can tell you, this is a different approach.
Vice President of Human Resources, Duquesne Light Company
Todd W. Faulk
During the duration of the program, I was able to develop the confidence I needed within myself. I had been going through a rough patch in my life personally and professionally, but after completion of the program, I became a new-re-found woman. I learned that it helps you become more aligned to have others holding you accountable or just to simply ask for support when you're unsure with a situation in your life. Christy provided us with an enormous number of resources while in the program. And through that, I saw many women in my cohort take all the information we received, apply it to their lives, and shortly after receive promotions and new positions.
Project Manager, IES Communications
Keisha Pendleton
The program structure was impressive and I was impressed with how Christy was able to tap into each of us...or should I say get us to tap into ourselves. The inclusion of group work and independent self study allowed for different learning styles and engagement preferences. I think that vulnerability and transparency are two concepts that were really embedded into the program and continue to stick with me today. EDGE really helped me to take my personal and professional development to the next level. When I think back about the experience I am in awe of the perfect timing for this experience for me. Growing in self-awareness had the biggest impact on me personally. My experience helped me to articulate my need for transition and growth. From EDGE I learned that coaching is about asking the right questions.
MS, CLC, Chief Executive Officer, Healthy Start Inc.
Jada Shirriel
As an executive, there is not a day that goes by where I don’t apply the coaching skills learned from Christy and her book, whether in the boardroom, as a people leader for my teams, or as a mentor. It’s about helping people find their own beautifully unique path, which is so much more impactful than doling out advice or directions.
COO Caerus Energy
Andrea Wescott Passman

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The World Is Changing

Now is the time for an innovative, collaborative learning approach to help people discover what they need to know and when they need to know it—in a way that organically and intentionally maximizes and magnifies human potential.

From Fortune 100 companies to start-up entrepreneurs, from corporate board leadership to support groups for parents of transgender kids, this PEER Group Coaching Framework revolutionizes human potential! Christy walks readers through each component of the Framework, beginning with the foundation of the Container on which the other five elements are built:

The PEER Technology® Framework


The Container

It all begins with intentionally constructing a safe space in which people can practice vulnerability and share real-life personal and professional challenges.

Instead of the coach being the mirror that reflects back the learning, such as in 1:1 Coaching, the peer group as a whole steps up to play that role. The Container provides psychological safety so the group can indeed become a cohesive whole, instead of a few dozen individual spotlights, each shining in its own direction. The Container provides an environment that nurtures vulnerability, intimacy, and relationships


Self Awareness

When you imagine a group coaching experience, you might picture a set of individuals, each on a personal development journey.

But the truth is, they are all on that journey together. The challenges might be individual, but no one is solving them alone. Sharing individual challenges, and inviting others into this vulnerability, provides a superstructure of support and empathy for the whole. Group coaching, by definition, is an ongoing experience that supports change over time. Self-Awareness begets more Self-Awareness.



These Outcomes can be shared 1:1 with the coach and with the peer group and others if the individual chooses.

Because every group is unique, the group coaching Framework includes purposeful reflection space to support identifying both cohort and individual Outcomes for the experience, and create a path of accountability that leads to empowerment and transformation. These Outcomes can be shared 1:1 with the coach and with the peer group and anyone else, if the individual chooses to do so. The coach can also leverage these Outcomes in the design of the overarching experience as it relates to content.


Relevant Content

Successful group coaching isn’t just about vulnerability.

It’s about taking that vulnerability and applying it to Relevant Content that people can sink their teeth into—content with an application they can use right now, today. This creates a support network and a web of accountability, whether to move mountains and progress higher on the career path, or simply build breadth and depth in a particular area, professionally or personally. The content depends on the group’s needs and the Outcomes they and their organization set.


The Practice Arena

People need a space to contribute and share best practices.

This is peer mentoring—and horizontal knowledge transfer—at its finest. The Mastermind is a brilliantly simple peer-learning vehicle with a three-step focus: Success, Challenge, and Request for Support. Creating an intentional developmental space for vulnerability is, in essence, creating a vehicle where people can lean on one another, to contribute and be contributed to by their peers. After all, a flame loses nothing in lighting another.


1:1 Coaching

Coaching one another is the actionable application of adult learning.

It is practicing vulnerability, being able to recognize and name emotions and their impact. It is what is at the heart of curating belonging because it requires a person to look at how they are holding themself back and holds them accountable to shift their choices. 1:1 Coaching is still needed inside every group coaching experience. It is the gold standard. Only now, group coaching amplifies that by creating the space for each and every person to learn how to become a coach to their peers. Each cohort member gives (and receives) 1:1 Coaching throughout the span of the experience. It’s about creating relationships and developing intimacy that can open up possibilities far beyond what an individual could dream.

In addition to unpacking each element in detail, Christy shows all coaches, both internal and external to an organization, how to present and sell the Framework within their spheres of influence. 

She shares tips and tricks acquired over two decades of her front-line, mid-career, entrepreneurial and executive coaching experiences.

Intentional, developmental cohorts that leverage peer-centered coaching reside at the heart of this revolutionary PEER Group Coaching Framework, creating a rich, evolving environment of equity and inclusion.

These cohorts focus on cooperative personal and professional development while igniting the intrinsically collaborative nature of the human spirit.

Throughout the book, Christy challenges readers with Thought Sparks, questions to help them apply learning so they can take action that works for them.

Because amazing mentors, teachers, and inspirational authors have lit Christy’s candle—she now has an urgent obligation, especially now in a world so desperate for belonging and connection—to share that flame and light yours.

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