Open Enrollment

As mid-career leaders, we often feel alone.

The reality is that many of us struggle with the same challenges, but we solve them in isolation. We need a vehicle through which to share best practices across companies and industries and learn together in our collective experience.

Given the need to focus on women and those identifying with femininity during the pandemic, we are offering two open enrollment cohorts for women leaders across in 2022. With many employees working remotely, this is an opportunity for companies to provide leadership training externally without bringing a program in-house.

According to the 2021 Women in the Workplace study conducted by McKinsey and Leanin.org1, “Companies need to take bold steps to address burnout. They need to recognize and reward the women leaders who are driving progress. And they need to do the deep cultural work required to create a workplace where all women feel valued.”

What is THRIVE?

THRIVE is a totally new coaching experience led by EDGE Leadership CEO and Founder, Christy Uffelman, BCC, MHCS, and developed to provide women and those who identify with femininity with a powerful roadmap to professional and personal success. Powered by years of leadership research and real world best practices, THRIVE delivers seven two-hour each month, value-packed sessions in a safe, educational, and online environment energized by a supportive community of your peers.


verb | thrive | \ ˈthrīv \

grow or develop well.


THRIVE gives women like you who may feel lonely, disconnected, or misunderstood in the office (and at home) a group of like-minded associates ready to support you as you design and embark on your new journey in 2022 and beyond. Through thoughtful group coaching experiences, you’ll gain the skills and accountability partners necessary to “thrive” in your career and every area of your personal life. At every stage, we focus on developing you, as we believe in growing the person to create leaders who excel.

THRIVE promises to:

Now’s your opportunity to join us!

Sign up to be notified about the very first and 100% virtual THRIVE peer group coaching experience, launching in February 2022 so that you can set your compass and prepare to become the very best version of yourself. Join me and a select group of outstanding professionals to become inspired and informed!

EDGE Leadership Powered by Partners

After years of success connecting peers together inside of large organizations, we launched EDGE as a 75% virtual  open-enrollment group coaching experience in 2015. EDGE was the first women’s group coaching experience of its kind targeting mid-career professionals and has a 9-month cohort experience that launches each year in January.

Now 95% virtual, designed for high-potential mid-career professionals identifying as women, our EDGE Experience is the first women’s mentoring experience of its kind. Unlike many “out-of-the-box” women’s leadership programs, our EDGE participants co-create the leadership content to ensure it delivers exactly what they need – NOW! – to grow and progress in their career.

EDGE Leadership’s trademarked process for engaging peers is used for EDGE Women in an innovative virtual and in-person group coaching experience that brings value to you as a mid-career leader. Benchmarked with Fortune 500 companies, EDGE is a contemporary leadership program that provides a living experience that adapts and changes with the needs of each cohort.

Facilitating knowledge transfer across companies and industries
Creating peer-to-peer mentoring relationships and building an actionable support and engagement network
Developing strategic leadership and critical thinking skills through real-time practice and application

Leveraging both virtual and in-person sessions over the course of 9 months

Participants will hone their EDGE by gaining greater expertise in areas that include:

Executive presence & personal branding:
  • Build a strategic network both inside and outside your organization
  • Brand attributes, including creating your personal pitch and bio
  • Create a powerful social media presence that reflects your brand
Coaching skills:
  • To develop your direct reports and hold them accountable
  • To “self-coach” and to promote collaboration and teamwork with your peers
  • To experience being coached monthly
Influential leadership:
  • Understand how to influence peers and manage up
  • Identify and enroll mentors and advocates and create an actionable strategy to serve as both for others in your life - personally and professionally

EDGE and The Pittsburgh Technology Council are teaming up to give you the opportunity to experience this 9-month cohort and ensure that the leadership content you receive is exactly what you need in 2022 to advance your career.

PTC and EDGE Leadership Solutions will look at candidates holistically through an application process to evaluate both what they will gain from the experience, and also what they offer to the experience. The selection process is designed to bring together a unique, diverse cohort group across the generations to maximize every participant’s learning potential.

To get more information, please visit The Pittsburgh Technology Council’s website.