How we coach

WHO we are is HOW we lead

~ Dr. Brené Brown

EDGE grows the person to grow the leader!

At EDGE Leadership Solutions, we believe that we are all whole people. Whether you work remotely or not, what happens at work comes home every day, and you better believe that what happens at home comes to work. What we think is missing from traditional professional development programs is the singular focus on the internal source from which the external behaviors are born.

Our Purpose:

We curate belonging.

Our Manifesto:

We live and work authentically to:

  • Create meaningful connections
  • Inspire inclusion and hope
  • Challenge the status quo
  • Build courageous leaders


noun | vul·ner·a·bil·i·ty

risk, uncertainty and emotional exposure

(3 elements faced by your leaders on a daily basis)

At EDGE, we turn leadership development inside out through three specific ways:



is the willingness to show up and be seen with no guarantee of outcome—and it is the only path to courage.

What this means for us is…

Vulnerability feels like fear but looks like courage.

It is the first thing I look for in a leader, but it is often the last thing I’m willing to show.

It is the birthplace of innovation.

The need to create actionable vehicles for knowledge transfer between peers.

Peer = people in a similar developmental space across genders, generations, race and ethnicity, LGBTQ, or level inside the company.

Why recreate the wheel when we can learn best practices from one another?

And in doing so, also share lessons learned and contribute to one another’s successes.

But horizontal knowledge transfer only goes so far… as peers, we don’t know what we don’t know. We also need vertical knowledge transfer.

We engage senior leaders to share best practices from their experiences around the corners we haven’t yet turned.


Intentional Knowledge Transfer

What this means for us is…


Group Coaching

What this means for us is…

Why bring in outside experts or academics when the experts for your culture already exist?

Dynamic content is co-created by the cohort participants based on what is relevant to them.

Curate belonging and connection by embarking on a personal development journey together.

increasing self-awareness and making more purposeful choices in their personal and professional lives and holding one another accountable as they do.

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