A Huge Opportunity . . . and a Bigger Thank You

I’m gearing up this week for one of THE biggest opportunities I’ve had in all of 2018.

This Friday morning, I am keynoting Harvard Medical School’s annual women’s leadership conference.

And I received this gig from a guy.

A pretty cool guy.

When I first received the invitation, I thought it was a joke. You see, I’ve been in the public speaking business for many years and I KNOW the drill. You write a submission, you apply…. you wait.

So when the voicemail invitation came out of the blue more than a year ago, I actually texted my two best friends and gave them hell for trying to pull this one off. 😉

But then they assured me it was not them, and likely, I should really call Harvard back.

Like now. 😳

And here’s what I learned when I did: The planning team invited me because they wanted a speaker who could talk to the power of women enrolling male advocates and allies in their careers and their lives. They wanted me to share the best practices I’ve learned working with women AND men across the country over the last six years.

And so I think it’s incredibly fitting that they received my name from a man. A gentleman who continues to be an amazing sponsor for me and who, as a Harvard grad, when he was asked who he would recommend, said simply, you should check out this woman from Pittsburgh.

He lent his name and credibility to mine.

He advocated for me.

So a HUGE shout out today to entrepreneur, artist, musician, diversity consultant, husband and father, JG Boccella. A man who stands in his strength and offers that as a gift to empower women and girls across the country.

Thank YOU, sir.
I hope I make you proud on Friday. ❤
#MenMatter #Advocates #Allies  #PassItOn 🤗