An Anchor

Like this gorgeous tree I saw on my walk this morning, I am in transition.

I’m changing.

I can feel it.🤨

Sometimes change is BIG (and drastic) and happens right before our eyes… quarantine, graduation, getting a new job, (losing a job), birth, death.

Other times, it’s so slow and gradual that it goes unnoticed until I pause, look back, and see just how far I’ve come.

For me, the magic of managing transitions (when I do them well 😏) can be found in that sacred moment of pause.

And how I find my pause is through my Anchor.

My Anchor

An “Anchor” is simply that which keeps us safely tethered during times of change. And I’ve learned through my years as a coach that everyone’s Anchor is different.

I believe that what anchors some of us can stay the same our whole life, and for others of us, it shifts as we become who we are meant to be.

An Anchor can be faith or family, it can be fitness or food, comforting traditions or the excitement of trying something new.

My Anchor right now is being in the woods with my dogs. It’s where I can’t get wifi to check my email and where there is no cell service to take a call.😉

Taking the time

It’s where I can give myself permission to truly pause; and like the anchor of a boat (that still allows the boat to move and float on the rhythms of the waves🌊) it keeps me safely tethered from floating away into places where I don’t want to be or that I’m not just ready for yet.

Because there will always be change in my life. And the difficult truth is that I simply do not have any control over this.

My Anchor keeps me steady so that I don’t drift too far off course. It’s allows me to lean back and just float for a while.

What’s your Anchor this year, my friends? ….And if you haven’t identified it yet, I hope this message finds you today and gives you permission to explore what it could be.😘

#AnchorForAWhile ⚓️