I am planting my fall mums today.

I do it every year on the Tuesday after Labor Day, and each and every time, I find myself hesitating and wanting to delay.

You see, the flowers that are currently in the pots are still blooming…. and it feels wrong somehow to uproot that which is still growing to replant something new.

And yet, I know that the nights are only going to get colder. And that if I wait too long, these hardy mums won’t take to the soil so easily.

It reminds me a lot of the value that Sponsors and Mentors play in our lives. They are always sowing new fields of possibility for us.

They know it is time for us to plant, long before we think we are “ready”.

Sending a big thank you today for the shoulders, arms, hands and hearts who have lifted me to new heights I could never have reached on my own.

You all took a chance on a young woman who wanted to change the world.

You nurtured my ideas, you challenged my business acumen, and you willingly leveraged your network so that mine could grow.

You inspired me.

And you always will.