Finding Inspiration in Unexpected Places #3

I’m headed into a VERY full week and so I thought I would begin it with a dog and a hike this morning.

Not my usual MO.😉

My typical routine would involve a robust mixture of the following: stressing, prepping materials, emails, stressing, phone calls, over-prepping (those same materials), skipping a few meals, and snapping at my husband and/or daughter. 😬

Instead I decided, quite literally, to follow a new path.

And it was uncomfortable.

I wanted to take in the views in the woods, but I found myself having to watch my feet more than the trees. (Because if I didn’t, I would trip over the new, unfamiliar ground I was covering.)

So every once in a while I just stopped walking and looked around.

And each stop was worth it.❤️

A gentle PSA to you, my friends, as we begin a fresh week: forging new paths are, by definition, harder to walk than the smooth, comfortable sidewalks we can traverse on “auto-pilot”.

It’s ok to stumble. It’s ok to have to watch where we step next….

…as long as we stop to look up once in a while.😉