Finding Inspiration in Unexpected Places #4

It was one of those days.

You know, the kind where, despite your very best efforts, you simply just can’t get a handle on your own life?


I forgot my phone at home (because I was rushing and grossly overpacking😏) and had to turn back around on the way to the airport.

Had two flight delays.

Realized I brought a debit card that expired on Monday and I can’t take out any cash for the next week.

A “30 min” trip via Uber took me more than 2 hrs in NYC traffic.

I totally spaced about putting an international travel advisory on my credit cards for the trip I start when I leave here tomorrow.

And on top of it all, I’m missing E’s Homecoming Dance this weekend (with her best girlfriends AND her crush) and am feeling some mighty serious mom guilt.😕

And so I found myself, on multiple occasions today, either looking for someone to blame for my misfortunes, complaining about them to my poor husband (who was definitely one of the world’s most empathetic men all day😉), or being crazy, hyper-critical of myself for not being more “together”.

More Perfect.

I heard those old, familiar lines pop up inside my head… you know them I bet- the ones about not being good enough?

And then I thought about the 400 women I’m speaking to in the morning tomorrow.

What would I say to ANY of those ladies if I saw them in the middle of a day like this?
(Hint: it’s definitely NOT what I’ve been saying to myself.😬)

So I gently reminded myself that I have complete and total control over my mindset (even if it doesn’t seem like much else at the moment😏) and I decided to invite myself out to dinner tonight.

I got all dolled up for a date.
With me.❤️

I drank a fabulous glass of wine.
I ate dessert.

And I thought, what could the world look like if we all treated ourselves the way we would our very best friend?

#StillGladIGetToStartOverTomorrowTho 😆