Finding Inspiration in Unexpected Places #5

So my weekend saga of “losing control” (AKA Letting Go😉) continues….

I arrived today for my retreat this week at a little seaside resort here in Nova Scotia. And, if I’m being totally honest, I arrived a little anxious, because on Friday I discovered there is no such thing as Uber round these parts 😬 nor is there any possibility for Amazon delivery.

I fretted for about an hour yesterday about what I would eat… since my little cabin has a kitchenette, I was counting on having some of my favorite (read: healthy) foods shipped in so I don’t eat chocolate chip cookies all week. 🍪

Because if you know me, you know that’s my food of choice.

(Well, that and French fries.😏)

And THEN I proceeded to worry (for about another good 20 minutes) about how I would get from the Halifax airport to this little resort- more than an hour away with no Uber and “unreliable” taxi service.

So I splurged to ensure my peace of mind; a town car was booked and I called it a day.

But then I arrived today to the little baggage claim in the quaint local airport, AND nary a town car in sight. 🙄

When I called the driver, he apologized profusely and said he had lost the reservation, but would be back to the airport in about 40 minutes if I could wait. I didn’t hesitate, said no thanks, and decided to continue stepping into the grace I’m trying mightily to manifest this weekend; trusting that the Universe would take care of me.

Because I’m trying to let go of control. 😳

And before I could take my next breath, a super friendly, older lady airport volunteer walked up to me and asked if I needed a ride?

She escorted me outside and into a lovely off-duty limo 🤗 and before I knew it, I was 45 miles away.

But still no supermarket in sight. Pretty hungry by now, I went out to explore a bit and discovered a fabulous local restaurant just a short (and lovely) walk from my cabin.❤️

After a decadent lunch of fresh mussels and frites (OMG the frites) it dawned on me that I could order take out.


And so instead of noshing on Kashi power protein cereal😆, my next few days shall consist of lobster rolls on fresh baguettes, seafood chowder, veggie & haddock soup, pecan squares and some local Nova Scotia delicacy called caramel and chocolate biscuit pudding.😋

Oh, and a fabulous bottle of Malbec. 🍾

And sitting here now, watching the sun set from my cabin window has me thinking- what could our lives look like if we DIDN’T feel the need to “muscle” everything?

If we lived with a teensy bit more trust?

And a lot more grace?

I’m betting pretty good.