Insights from EDGE Grads

The PTC Edge program has been a great experience. When I entered PTC Edge, I expected it to be a traditional women’s leadership and development program. However, I discovered a safe place to develop meaningful personal and professional connections. This program teaches every woman to tap into

their inner self and learn how to become a more effective leader personally and professionally. I never realized that I was a somewhat introverted person in

the workplace until participating in the program. I now have the confidence to step out of my comfort zone and do things I would typically never do, such as talk to people I do not know and share my journey as a woman of color. I now understand my power and strength and have the confidence to own my ideas. I’ve also learned how to network more effectively with both women and men from a variety of industries. The experience has been truly transformative.

Thanks to PTC Edge, I’m no longer afraid to ask for what I want.

~ Keisha Pendleton, MBA, Project Manager, IES Communications, 2017 Cohort




I am a more effective and empowered leader because of the EDGE program. The collective power of this group of women creates great opportunities for impact and growth.

~ Lisa J. Perry, MPM, E.D., Executive Director, Jeremiah’s Place, 2017 Cohort




The EDGE Women’s Leadership Retreat was a truly transformational experience! I went in expecting to learn something new and grow as a leader. What I didn’t expect was to face my inner critic, silence her voice, and rise like a phoenix. I left with renewed focus, confidence, and permission to focus on me. I realized when I take the time to focus on me only then I can walk in my power and accomplish my goals and dreams. If you are looking for executive and peer coaching to help you get to that next level, this program is for you.

~ Stephanie Rideau, Director, Business Ops & Dev., Comcast Business, 2018 Summer



The EDGE Retreat was exactly what I needed but did not know. Through the positive affirmations and best practices from our Coach, to the supportive and affirming environment created by the other women, I left feeling renewed and with a sense of clarity I had not had before concerning my career mobility and expansion. To any woman who feels she needs SOMETHING, anything, to push her forward, EDGE is the place to be.

~Victoria Snyder, M.ED. MSLPA, Founder, Self-Care Senorita, 2020 Summer



Before entering the EDGE program I’d come to a crossroad and completely changed careers. After I made the shift I was uncertain of my future and began to feel stuck, again. The EDGE program became an amazing opportunity for me to focus on my strengths and was a safe space to do the inner work to become

a better version of myself. My time with my cohorts developed my skills and challenged me to get clear. Our Facilitator created an environment for us to thrive personally and professionally. Coming from various backgrounds and experiences enhanced my growth in the program. I gained an amazing network through EDGE. I am no longer stuck, my outlook is clear and after another career shift I am thriving professionally.

~ Latifa Miller, Special Project Officer, Lash Group, 2018 Cohort