Last night I celebrated.

🎉Last night I celebrated. 🎉

I decided to purposely look back over the last 12 months, not just in reflection, but to honor the experience of it. To honor my grief, my fear, my friendships, my anxiety, the odd quietness that surrounded my days, my reinvention… and my resilience.

And in doing so, I wanted to “Reclaim my 2021”. 🙌

One year ago, life as we knew it shifted on its axis. And when I think about who I was that day, I truly feel as if I am looking through the foggy lens of a decade (or two😉)

…like when I harken back to my high school days and curiously try to remember why what was so important to me, was “SO important” anyway? 😶

And when I woke up today (after toasting to my “New Year” last night), I decided to keep up the celebratory decorations for a little while longer.

Because the beauty is that we never truly need a reason to begin again.

We just have to decide. ❤️