Reinventing Easter

So I went back and forth multiple times about what on earth to do for Easter Sunday this year. 😬

And as much as I tried to think about how to creatively adjust and adapt, I kept coming up with simply settling for a “Second-rate Easter.” (Meaning, it could never be what we usually do, so every idea felt like a poor compromise… which I worried would only reinforce in our minds what we DON’T have and not remind us to be grateful for what we DO.)

So our family has officially decided to reinvent Easter this year. 😉

I asked each family member what was the “one thing” they really wanted to keep this weekend, and then we all decided to LET GO of tradition and throw the rest out the window!

We are renaming it Chinese Easter and planning a takeout feast supporting our favorite local Chinese restaurant, Jade Grille, and celebrating an amazing culture and people.

We have leftover Chinese New Year decorations and colorful paper lanterns to hang and then there will be the 2020 Uffelman Family Corona Olympics. 😉

We will have our traditional Easter Egg hunt of course (that was Kevin’s “one thing to keep”), but THIS year we are adding The Egg Roll (you have to roll an egg across the floor – using only your nose – in a race to the finish line), The Bunny Hop (sack race but with cotton ball bunny tails on the back) and The Peep Show (tossing peeps onto people’s heads in shower caps covered with shaving cream.) 😆

Will it be dramatically different?

Gosh, I really hope so.

Just because things aren’t the same as they were, doesn’t mean they still can’t be good. 😊

Happy Easter, my friends. May this weekend bring you safety, peace and small moments of joy.

#WeHaveMoreChoiceThanWeKnow ❤️


– Christy Uffelman