Relax . . . ?

😳 Why, oh WHY this is so hard for me?

Learning how to truly relax will either be the greatest gift of this experience or the cause of tremendous frustration for me.

(Most likely it will be both.😏)

I’m taking today “off from being productive” and now I’m not entirely sure what to do with myself. You see, I feed off being crazy busy and often tie my worthiness- my sense of being Enough- to doing things that bring value.

Meaning, my sense of self worth is tied to being productive. And I will tell you that it is an exhausting way to live.

I hope you don’t know what this feels like, but if you do, know that I’m sending you grace today. It’s Friday, it’s spring and we are having our final snowfall…. what could it look like to give ourselves permission to not have to DO anything today?

To just BE?
(Maybe under a blanket with a cup of tea?)❤️

Sending love and light to all the over-achievers out there. I promise that the sky will not fall and the world will not end if you stop Doing.

(I think.)