THRIVE: Setting Your Compass For Peak Performance

As the CEO of EDGE Leadership and a board-certified coach, I’ve spent the last 20+ years helping women navigate the labyrinth of career paths and personal fulfillment.

Having worked with leaders across the gender spectrum inside Fortune 500 organizations while developing my own groundbreaking group coaching framework (PEER Technology®), I’m now launching THRIVE, a platform designed to help women (and those who identify with femininity) grow professionally and personally to become the best version of themselves.

THRIVE harnesses the power of education and a community of accountability to reach peak performance as professionals, family members, and friends. It is about turning traditional leadership development inside-out and growing the person to grow the leader.

Identifying Stagnation

THRIVE began with a simple acknowledgment: Our career paths are rarely linear. Instead, progress often feels like a confusing labyrinth, and the societal expectations and corporate pressures that bombard each and every day blur the options ahead.

I’ve seen this problem first hand over and over again. As the former Chair for 2020 Women on Boards (now 50/50 Women on Boards) from 2015-2019, I worked overtime to increase the percentage of female talent on corporate boards across the Fortune 1000.

While strides have been made in the boardroom, these problems continue to persist, especially among women of color, and African American women in particular. For them, the labyrinth holds additional barriers and obstacles that white women like myself simply do not encounter.

Even when women successfully climb the corporate ladder into positions of leadership, many of us continue to be bombarded by the same societal expectations, corporate pressures, and other barriers as before. Even though we can reach loftier positions, we still feel lonely, unappreciated, or misunderstood.

As a result, many of us feel like we’re stagnating. Without growth, we may begin to fall behind while the rest of the world—in the office, at home, and in the community—moves ahead. Lost and unsure, what we really need is a compass to help guide the way.

An Opportunity to Thrive

I designed THRIVE to become that compass for women ready to rejuvenate their careers and personal lives while becoming the best versions of themselves. With THRIVE, participants access the community structure and educational opportunities necessary to develop their compass, chart their maps, and set their GPS to their target destination: success.

All of this is done through an actionable community of best practice sharing and peer accountability.

THRIVE gives women who feel lonely, disconnected, or misunderstood in the office and at home (which sometimes are the exact same room) a loyal community of energetic peers, mentors, and thought leaders ready to support them as they design and embark on their new journey.

By joining THRIVE, you’ll meet peers who hold you accountable as you implement strategic changes in your life. They’ll support you with useful feedback and recommendations from their own lives. They’ll provide an endless source of inspiration as you blaze new trails in your career and personal life.

THRIVE provides a safe, educational, and inspiring environment necessary for meaningful strides outside of the corporate training classroom and in the real world. Breakout sessions cover topics like setting (and maintaining) boundaries, managing burnout, developing resilience, and a variety of other powerful personal development concepts to help you reach the ultimate goal: to become the very best version of yourself.

THRIVE promises to:

  • Teach strategies for moving from awareness to action
  • Deliver practical solutions to your most pressing personal and professional challenges
  • Provide a community of accountability partners to hold you accountable as you apply THRIVE strategies in your professional and personal life
  • Share healthy new habits that supercharge performance and maximize productivity
  • Outline methods for addressing stress and preventing burnout
  • Help individuals and companies and unlock their true potential
  • And more!

With THRIVE, women can tap into decades of experience and research to learn and grow. Together, we can develop your map to navigate and progress through the labyrinth of life and career—together. After all, no one successfully navigates a labyrinth alone!

Thrive With Us

Join me and a select group of outstanding professionals to become inspired and informed!