Understanding Generation Z

Understanding Generation Z

Sure, you’veheard of the Baby Boomers. And you’re well aware of who the Millennials are and what motivates them. But, do you know who the next generation is? Do you know what characteristics define them?

Who is Generation Z?


Failing to leverage the differences between generations, and the unconscious biases around them, can make attracting & retaining top talent (of all generations) a significant challenge.

The first step is understanding: knowing what makes each generation tick.

For example, do you know what Generation Z most craves when looking for a new career?

A better understanding of the unique motivations of Generation Z (and any generation) is the key to unlocking their potential.

2 Interesting Facts About Generation Z


If you’ve grown comfortable with traditional work place norms, from training to the ways you engage your coworkers, then it might be a bit startling if you find a new hire approaching things differently.

But the best way to avoid generational friction and leverage the untapped knowledge of your entire workforce is to be proactive in learning how to work with your colleagues.

Engaging Generation Z


Having a diverse work force should not be considered a weakness, but a strength!

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